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My first name is ” Marbella” which is derived from two Spanish words: 1) “Mar” means “Sea” and 2) “Bella” means “Beautiful“. In others, my name is translated as “Beautiful Sea“.


My story starts in Venezuela, where I was born. After getting married, my husband and I moved to the United States for his job. Currently, I have two beautiful daughters who fill my life with wonderful anecdotes and special experiences. My family is my total admiration and motive to achieve all my goals.


I am constantly asked how did you find your passion for photography?  Well, a few years ago, I decided to become a Real Estate Agent. I quickly came to realize the importance of a good relationship between an agent and the client in this field of work. This relationship is quite complex because it involves finding the client’s true dream house or going through the process of selling their property at the best value.


While being an agent, I enjoyed exploring opportunities that could help me increase my growth and knowledge in the field. The most special and life changing opportunity I had was professional residential photography for clients.


As my passion constantly grew, I continued to branch out to other areas of photography while simultaneously focusing on mastering and perfecting my skills. As of now, I work with a wide range that includes residential photography, headshots, portraits, and special events. I am very true to my word and highly value my commitment to satisfy all my customers and clients. In my work, satisfaction is guaranteed for all clients.

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