Check List

Preparing your house for photographs

It is the responsability of the Listing Agent to ask the Seller to prepare the home for the photographer at the time of the appointment.


• Turn all lights and lamps ON
• Clean all areas
• Clean windows inside and outside
• Make sure all light bulbs are working
• Turn OFF ceiling fans
• Open all blinds
• Remove all clutter


• Minimize items on countertops
• Wipe outside of the refrigerator and remove magnets
• Remove garbage cans from view
• Empty sink
• Clean and organize breakfast area
• Remove infant high chair
• Keep chairs organized

Family Room

• Remove all personal items
• Hide toys, mail, papers, and magazines
• Arrange decorative pillows neatly
• Vacuum Carpet

Dining Room

• Neatly arrange the dining table and chairs


• Organize desk and bookshelves
• Remove papers, folders, and loose items, etc
• Turn computer screen and laptop OFF
• Hide electrical cords from view

Master Bedroom

• Minimize items from nightstand and dresser
• Make sure bed is made and pillows arranged neatly
• Vacuum or clean floor
• Open curtains or blinds

Master Bathroom

• Place toilet seat down
• Remove all towels, bath mats, and rugs from view
• Remove shampoo, soap, and other items from showers and bath
• Clean and dry shower floor and door
• Minimize items from countertops
• Turn all lights ON

Children Bedroom

• Organize or remove toys from view
• Make sure items under the bed do not show
• Make sure beds are made and arranged neatly
• Remove diaper pail or trash can
• Minimize personal items


• Remove all pet related items like food, water, and cage


• Store hoses out of sight or roll-up neatly
• Remove trash cans
• Remove all pool toys and floats
• Hide pool cleaning supplies
• Turn ON pool fountains/water features
• Clean mold or mildew from pool and deck
• Clean and organize tables, chairs, cushions in the backyard
• Maintain a clean landscaping
• Remove dead plants
• Keep patio umbrella closed

Front of the House

• Close garage doors
• Maintain  clean landscaping
• Remove dead plants
• Remove cars from the driveway
• Store hoses out of sight or roll-up neatly
• Remove yard signs

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